The Finest Grass Fed Beef in New Hampshire

From our farm to your table

BuckleDown Farm is a small family farm proudly serving the best grass fed beef in New Hampshire. Enjoy whole, half, and quarter shares of fresh beef while knowing that at BuckleDown:

  • Each cow is lovingly raised on open pastures with fresh, clean water at our New Hampshire farm.
  • The cows are 100% grass fed their entire lives.
  • Grain fillers, antiboitics, and GMO’s are never used.
  • You’re supporting a local business that takes pride in being a good steward of the land and our animals.
Grass Fed Beef in New Hampshire
Grass Fed Galloway Cattle

Grass Fed Beef Raised in New Hamphire

We proudly raise Galloway cattle. This ancient, heritage breed of cattle originated in Scotland during the 17th century. It’s one of the longest established meat cattle in the world. The Galloway is well adapted for New England weather, with a good temperament and ease of handling.

Each cow is cared for on our New Hampshire Farm. They spend their days grazing the pastures, drinking from the ponds, and basking in the sun. Happy and healthy cows are essential for nutritious and delicious beef. 

We think it’s the finest grass fed beef in New Hampshire.

Reserve Your Share of Grass Fed Beef

Buying a share of a cow is the best way to stock your freezer with the best local grass fed beef in New Hampshire. Here’s how:

1. Selection

Contact us through the online form, email, or at 603-546-5835. We’ll walk you through all the choices, cuts, pricing, and timeline.

2. Deposit

After you’re comfortable with your order, a $300 deposit reserves your place in line. You can pay by cash or check. 

3. Processing

We process the cow to your specifications and send the full invoice based on the actual weight of the cow. 


We’ll let you know when everything is ready for pick up at the farm. You can find a lot of great recipes here.

Grass Fed Beef Pricing

Pricing is $7.85 per pound, based on the hot hanging weight of the animal. Our cows typically yield a hot hanging weight of 750 lbs. after slaughter. Once deboned and trimmed there will be approximately 500 lbs. of finished meat for vacuum sealing and freezing.

Beef is sold in whole, half, and quarter shares.

As the cows are processed “to order”, we require a $300 deposit for all whole, half, and quarter shares. We will let you know the processing timeline before the deposit is due.

Freezer Space Considerations

 A whole cow will require 16 cubic feet of freezer space. A side (half a cow) takes 8 cubic feet. And a quarter share takes up 4 cubic feet of space. 

We’re Here to Talk You Through The Whole Process

Buying beef straight from the farm can seem tricky at first, but we’re here to answer any questions and walk through each step.  You can reach us through phone, email, or the the contract form below.

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Jack Hopfenspirger, Owner

BuckleDown Farm

85 Palmer Rd

Francestown, NH 03043


About BuckleDown Farm

In 2015, we purchased a farm in Francestown, NH to create a business to provide friends and family with a wholesome food source other than the unknown sources provided from your common supermarkets of today.  

It took 5 years of rebuilding and prepare for this task. Though we are small in stature, we are big in faith, and have a moral obligation to be good stewards of God’s land, and one another. This translates to how we care for our animals.

– The Hopfenspirgers

BuckleDown Family
Scenes from around the farm

The best beef comes from cows that are allowed to thrive on fresh grass, open pastures, sunshine, and clean water. BuckleDown Farm is a small operation, so we ensure each animal is given personal attention. Our healthy environment means the freshest and healthest grass fed beef in New Hampshire.

Cow says hello
Horse in the snow
Mother and calf together
The pond provides plenty of clean water.
Buckle Down Farm
Cows lounging
Calf resting
Galloway cows are well adapted to the snow
The herd on the move